Organic hummus


Original Homemade Hummus

Our traditional homemade hummus is proudly produced in Southern Oregon using the finest quality, locally sourced, organic* ingredients. We pressure-cook our garbanzo beans, which creates an unmatched level of creaminess and maximizes their flavor and digestibility. We blend it with fresh lemon juice and garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, roasted tahini and pink Himalayan salt. The black sesame seeds are added as a signature, so you know its TonTon’s. We take preference and pride in supporting local, sustainable and transitional farms.

Ingredients: Garbanzo Beans*, Filtered Water, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil*, roasted OG Tahini, OG Lemon Juice, fresh OG Garlic, OG Black Sesame Seeds, Pink Himalayan Salt, OG Citric Acid